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Zwift Arena: intuitive user interface and seamless order management

Seamless Order Management
Make menu items available / unavailable
Adjust trading hours and set closed dates
Precise Delivery Zone Mapping
Real-Time Delivery Tracking
Detailed reporting and sales summaries
Insightful statistics on all your orders including customer purchase habits
...All through a sleek touch screen tablet. Easy!

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Online Ordering
Online Ordering

Integrate your online and in store functionality

Make Orders Easy with Zwift's Integrated Order Management System and Point of Sale solution.

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Walk-in, table and online orders inone application

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Online and in store dockets in one place

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Printing and cash drawer automation

Order management on a tablet
Single unified platform

One Platform

Restaurant online ordering system , QR table ordering and Takeaway POS connected to a fully branded website + takeaway ordering app tailored to your business. In the background is our stable infrastructure delivering orders from your customers to you, every single time.

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Secure Payments

Powered by one of Australias largest payment providers, stability is just the norm. Fraud mitigation, customer security and our advanced systems ensure every payment that should work does, and anything nefarious is stopped in its tracks.

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Delivery Tracking

Track drivers and orders in real time with nothing more than an app on your phone. No more phone calls to drivers, no more wondering where your orders are. Seamlessly integrated with Zwift's POS system for restaurants.

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